Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Get Noticed! Get a quality website


We have been designing websites since 1996, for many notable and blue-chip companies in the UK, and subsequently throughout Europe and now in Cyprus.

It is critical that businesses use responsive designs, particularly if your business is in the tourist industry here in Cyprus where many visitors to your site will be holidaymakers or business travellers who may only see your website via their mobile devices. We normally provide "fully responsive" websites that work perfectly on any device (mobile to desktop) and which respond automatically to these device resolutions.
It is also very important to link your website and online marketing activities across many types of media, including; Videos! See below

Get Noticed! - get a quality website

We provide:

    Website Design
    Content Management systems, ecommerce & reservations/bookings, Google Analytics, Hosting and Domain name registration

    SEO & SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media, emarketing, email templates, translations

    Print Design
    Business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, headed-paper, car & bumper stickers, QR-Codes

    Graphic Design
    Logo design, print redaction

Why not call us now on: 955 07 384, or email info@geckodesign.tv

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